The Franchising system allows you to sell your experience, knowledge and concept to private persons and corporates who invest to establish and run a new business. While the franchisors transfer their rights to sale, distribute or operate the possessed service or product on declared costs, franchisees buy the relevant brand, the expertise (Know-How), operation methods and the operating system.

La Travelia provides professional consulting services to its customers who franchise their current business and own one. The expert staff and extensive knowledge we have in the field help us to find the best offer that ensures our customers’ success. As a “Franchise Matcher,” we identify the needs and preferences of our customers and provide options and opportunities accordingly in an attempt to designate the exact roadmap of the ideal Franchising operation and guarantee the sustainability and profitability of the partnership.

We perceive your success as ours and thus our main goal is establishing a successful business on your behalf and accompanying you through the whole process.

Our Franchise Consulting Services:

  • Franchise Establishment
  • Franchise Development and Management Consulting
  • Franchise Sale



Though that the originality and integrity of your brand and the sustainability of your systems are critical for a franchising system, quality and productivity are also important factors to consider. Hence, our expert teams provide a professional consulting through the journey that starts from your brand’s story on topics such as architectural project, corporate identity, supply chain, personal recruitment, correct establishment of operating systems and advertising activities as preventive measures against unpleasant surprises that you might encounter during the process. As a result of all these actions, our team designs an optimised franchise guideline and constitution tailored specifically for each customer.

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We provide an end-to-end service to our customers who plan to franchise their current business, customers that require a technical support on selling one, or seek for an expert guidance, by transforming their current business structure into a one that is optimised for franchising. On this matter, we prioritise overcoming the operating system deficiencies via our expert teams and brand-creating actions. We promote your brand via our professional consulting support on fields of architectural project, corporate identity, supply chain, personal recruitment, correct establishment of operating systems and advertising activities considering your brand’s establishment story and assist you to make your brand become a signature of your success. On the next phase, we ensure the creation or improvement of methods that enhance sales and marketing. By watching over this process of yours, we aim the sustainability of the process.

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The most crucial components in franchise sale are correct brand creation process, franchising suitability establishment, suitable franchisee and on-point location. Using their knowledge and experience, our expert consultants apply market researches to find the best option for you. We consider your brand’s customer profile, local statistics and cost/price/efficiency factors to choose the best location while examining financial story, professional competence and even motivation for the field of franchise. After double-checking the given decision, our consultants prepare projection presentation. Franchise conditions and the agreement are prepared by our expert legal consultants. To bring you new franchisees and carry your brand forward, we regularly watch over and provide technical support for your freshly sold franchise.

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